Carbon Emission Levels Highest Since Dinosaurs Apocalypse

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The last time the earth had such high concentration of carbon dioxide was millions of years after the extinction of the dinosaurs, referred to as PETM. The reason for the high concentration of carbon dioxide was unknown and now scientists are saying that we are putting more carbon than the PETM, 10 million years ago.

The PETM had caused the earth temperature to rise about 5 degree Celsius and at the rate that we are producing carbon, scientist is worried that the consequences are going to be more severe than the PETM.

Due to the rise in carbon emission rate, scientist believes that the ecosystems will be heavily affected and because there is nothing in the human history to study, scientist is finding it hard to predict what is going to happen next.

Lead researcher Richard Zeebe from the University of Hawaii will be working with colleagues from the University of Californie-Riverside and University of Bristol to uncover what happened during the PETM in hopes that it would give them a clearer idea fo what is to come.

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