Can The 2017 Honda Ridgeline Beat The Ford Ranger?

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The 2017 Honda Ridgeline has made an unforgettable appearance at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, and shortly after that, people have been starting to make comparisons with the more versatile model of the Ford Ranger.

Before we go into the deets, the Ridgeline does look slightly less interesting and less appealing despite the fact that the “less daring look” was purely intentional. The mid-sized truck looks more like a full-sized pick-up, but we’ve still got to give Honda props for taking a completely different approach this time around in developing this second-generation truck.

Now it’s got either a FWD or all-wheel-drive option, though we would wish that it wouldn’t look so similar to that of the bland Pilot. Aesthetically, it is not as appealing as the Ford Ranger (though it’s still pending to be resurrected again), for the latter’s chunkier looks still wins the hearts of many.

Bottom line is, both are equally excellent trucks, and until the Ranger is finally coming out of its shells this time, perhaps it’ll be the Ridgeline that will gain the upper hand between the two (for having a lower price tag and greater load weight). Apart from that, we think it might not even stand a chance in being on par with the Ranger.

So, do you think the Ridgeline stands a chance in beating the much-loved Ranger? Sound off in the comments below so we know what you think about that.

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  1. Ozzie53

    January 27, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    The only reason we were even considering this truck was due to all the hype last summer and fall that the redo would include an i-MMD version. Can’t find a single word anywhere about what happened. Major disappointment.