Call Of Duty: WW2 Trying To Smooth Things Out

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This definitely did not go the way Sledgehammer expected it to go when they released the new Call of Duty: World War II.

Soon after the game was released, some players reported online and multiplayer issues with the game. Sledgehammer later acknowledges the issue and promise their fans that they will be working to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Their initial solution was to drop the dedicated servers and switch to P2P setup which did help but it wasn’t the best solution. This week, Sledgehammer announces that the dedicated servers are now available in the US once more for PS4 players. They added that the Xbox One server will be coming shortly.

They also thank their fans for understanding and assured them that their main priority will be to maintain stability on dedicated servers. Despite everything that has happened, the game was still considered a success as Sledgehammer reported that they already have millions of players playing the game.