Call Of Duty: Warzone New Event Coming With Latest Patch

Activision is ready to get Season 4 started for Modern Warfare and Warzone and one of the biggest features that we will be seeing on Warzone will probably the new in-game events.

One of the new in-game events is called Jaibreak which will break free all those that are in the Gulag and the other that are spectating. Players will get one-minute notice before the event happens so you need to quickly find some armor and weapon and get back to your teammates fast.

The fun part about it all is that this could happen any time during the Battle Royale match. While it will be nice to get your teammates back, this also means that your enemies will also be coming back.

The other in-match event is called Fire Sale where every item in the Buy Station will be discounted by 80% or free. This will only go on for 1 minute so players will have to rush to the station where everybody else is.