Call Of Duty: Warzone More Changes Explained

It looks like Activision did not reveal all the changes that they made to Call of Duty: Warzone with the last update as they detail the other changes this week.

According to Amos Hodge, the creative-director at co-developer Raven Software, one of the changes that were made was that passengers in the vehicle can now use kill streaks as well. While it might not sound like some major update, the change is actually pretty useful especially for those that are playing in a squad.

Some other changes that were revealed this week include the big armored truck which was removed from the battle royale game to help balance out the meta. The developer also made some necessary changes to the money drop rates.

This week, Activision will also be bringing back the Trios battle royale mode which was taken out when the shotgun/sniper mode was released.