Call Of Duty: Warzone Developer Highlights Cheating Solution

Cheating in games can ruin the experience for the other players in the game and Call of Duty: Warzone is making it very clear that they are going to take it very seriously.

In their latest blog post, they revealed their “zero tolerance” stance against cheaters. As of now, the developer have already permanently banned close to 50,000 players worldwide since the game has been released. They explained that they have security teams that are monitoring gameplay and date to find cheaters.

The team will look out for aimbots, wallhacks, and more. They added that they are also looking to improve their reporting system to help eliminate the cheaters more effectively. Players will be getting a more streamlined UI for reporting in the future.

So if you are looking to cheat, you might want to think twice about doing that as you might get permanently banned if you are not careful enough.