Call Of Duty: Warzone Adding Some St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Call of Duty: Warzone is getting a lot of positive feedbacks from the fans and they are now adding a new paid microtransaction bundle themed for the game. The new theme is a St. Patrick Day theme with the first bundle of the “Clover and Out” bundle.

This first bundle will come with a new operator skin and blueprints for a new weapon called Wish Me Luck and Top o’The Mornin”. There is also a new weapon called Stout that is a reference to Guinness. There is also the Pot of Gold charm and a new Shamrock and Roll sticker. To get this bundle, it will cost 1100 Call of Duty Points.

After the first pack, there will be the Tracer Pack Green Bundle which will come with special green tracer rounds. It will also come with Snap Dragon and Gangrene weapon blueprints. This will cost 1600 Call of Duty Points.