Call Of Duty Takes Financial Crown 2016 For Best Seller

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare arrived on the market during late 2016 but despite this the game has took the title of a global best-seller. It had just a short period of time in 2016 but against all the odds it has managed to become the best-selling game.

Of course we are talking about financial gains here and the income that was generated by selling Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. If you go on the actual amount of copies of the game sold this tells a different story for 2016.

Activision is surely to be pleased with how Call of Duty Infinite Warfare sold and of course it will continue to earn money for the developers in 2017. They said that they want to continue offering innovations along with incredible gameplay that is worthy of some of the best fans in the world.

Activision really should get a big pat on the back for launching Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare so late in 2016 and managing to take the financial crown for best-seller. Of course the success of it was helped by the fact that Modern Warfare Remastered was bundled together with it.

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