Call Of Duty: Season 4 Teased The Return Of Captain Price

Call of Duty developer has just announced that they will be pushing back the fourth season of the game due to everything that is happening in the US now but they also teased some new features that will be coming to the game.

A new trailer for Season 4 has been released and it showed the return of Captain Price. Fans will be happy to learn that this character will be returning to the game. Season 4 was set to start on the 4th of June but since the announcement, no new date has been announced yet.

The trailer also came with a tweet that suggests the story is not over yet meaning we might see them add to the story with a new mission and Price. It also looks like Price will be a playable character in Modern Warfare.

Fans are also looking forward to learning more about the next Call of Duty game that was speculated to be Black Ops: Cold War.