Call Of Duty New Battle Royale Map Missed Out On Important Feature

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The new Call of Duty game will be coming in with a few major improvement and offering. One of the biggest changes that we will be seeing is the addition of the Blackout mode which is CoDs battle royale mode but besides that, they have also announced that the game will now run at 60FPS which is great but it looks like you won’t get to enjoy it if you plan to only play the battle royale mode.

According to David Vonderhaar, Blackout will technically run at 60FPS and added that it has always been their target but he also added that the game might not be able to achieve that all the time which some fans were disappointed to hear.

Activision also released an image this week showing us the map of Blackout revealing how big the map actually is. Since each map will contain 80 combatants, it makes sense that it would be that large. Activision will also be releasing the beta version on the 10th of October for testing.

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