Call Of Duty Mobile New Event Arrives With New Weapon

Fans of the Call of Duty Mobile will be able to get their hands on some new items this week with the launch of the new event. Here is what we know now.

With the fifth season, Call of Duty Mobile players will now get to join the new Crescent Moon event which will bring in a few new celestial-themed items along with a new game mode. New items like the Xero’s Sultana Skin, The Metallic Mist RUS-79U skin, Crescent Moon-themed parachute, wingsuit, backpack, flashbang, and frag grenade will now be added to the game.

The free-for-all game mode will be available for a limited time. On top of that, there is the Gun Game Team Fight which is perfect for those that like to play in a team.

The Crescent Moon event will be starting on the 21st of April and will be ending on the 23rd of April.