Call Of Duty: Mobile Losing Zombie Mode Soon

If you enjoy playing the Zombie Mode on Call Of Duty: Mobile, you might want to play it as much as you can now the mode will be taken out from the game soon

It was revealed that the Zombie Mode on the mobile version of the game will be removed on the 25th of March. The developer did make it clear from the start that the mode was in the game for a limited time only but did not give a date until now.

It was explained that the model did not reach the level of quality that they wanted. Following the decision to remove it, they also explain that Nacht Der Untoten, the second map will not be released globally as well.

Of course, they also added that they might bring the mode back in the future but for now, they want to focus on improving the Battle Royale, Ranked Mode and Multiplayer mode of the game.