Call Of Duty Battle Royale Model Only Weeks Away?

There have long been speculations that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare would be getting a battle royale mode of its own when Season 2 starts. While the developer did not confirm anything, fans did find their way into the files and seem to have gotten even more information about it.

According to the reports, the new Battle Royale mode call Warzone will be arriving in March. Based on that, fans predicted that we will either see it on the 3rd of March or the 10th of March since that is when the updates will arrive.

It was also added that Warzone could be released as a free standalone game which means players that only want to be a part of the battle royale mode can do so without having to buy the full game.

The battle royale mode will support up to 200 players that will be broken into squads. There might also be a new Plunder currency that can be used on gears.