Byton Crossover Concept Tone Down For Las Vegas

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When Byton release images that the Byton Crossover Concept a few days ago, we were all impressed by the eye-catching design of the concept but the actual model fail to meet the expectation of many.

It was not that the design look bad in real life but the white color that Byton choose to give the vehicle made the vehicle look slightly less flattering. Of course, it was still good-looking but it was not as impressive as the silver finish we saw a few days ago.

The Byton Crossover Concept will be offering about 250miles and it can be charged to offer 150miles of range in 20 minutes. Charging it for 30minutes will fill the battery up to 80%.

The company plans to launch the production version of the vehicle in 2019 with Level 3 autonomous technology. Level 4 self-driving abilities upgrade could be added at a later date.

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