Burnout Paradise: How Far It Has Reached

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Burnout Paradise has released years ago and now that the game will be getting a remastered version, let’s see where the original developers of the game are right now.

The game was originally made by Criterion Games which was later purchased by EA. Fiona Sperry, who worked at the company left in 2014 and co-founded Three Fields Entertainment.

The other co-founder of Three Fields Entertainment, Alex Ward was the creative director for Criterion Games. Like Sperry, he left in 2014. Executive producer Peter Hawley co-founded Red Robots Labs in 2011 where he worked until 2014. He joined Zynga and later became the CEO for Telltale Games in 2017.

Lead designer Craig Sullivan joined Ghost Games in 2013 and in 2017 he join Amazon. Jon Lawrence left to work in Sky in 2012 before returning to EA. In 2015, he joined Natural Motion and in 2017 he went on to become the director of production for Digit Game Studio.

These are just some of the people that worked on the game.