Buick Looking To Join Bolt Soon

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Even with all the attention, the Chevrolet Bolt receive when it was first announced, the sales have been rather slow for the electric vehicle. It could be because the vehicle was not offered in all the states to start with.

Despite that, General Motors is still looking to have another go at it as new reports from Inside EVs suggest that General Motors could be developing a Buick crossover model that is based on the Chevrolet Bolt.

According to the reports, the vehicle will come with a different exterior styling or at a different enough styling that people won’t immediately be reminded of the Bolt when they first see it.

It is believed that the vehicle will be powered by the same Bolt powertrain but because of its size, it will need a little more time to go from 0-60mph. It is said that the Buick EV will also come with a slightly larger price tag.

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