Bugatti Hybrid SUV Still On The Fence

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With more and more luxury brands now looking to offer SUVs of their own, we are expecting automakers like Bugatti and Aston Martin to also jump on the SUV wagon but it looks like Bugatti is still not convinced.

Aston Martin has already announced that they will be working on the DBX model but so far, we have not seen or heard anything from Bugatti yet but some people think that might change soon. In Paris this week, Bugatti admitted that they might add an SUV to their lineup.

However, according to them, they will have to come out with a convincing pitch to get their shareholders on board. If Bugatti does work on one, it will most likely not be getting the W16 engine but will most likely get the hybrid powertrain instead as most people are looking for something that is more fuel efficient now.

For now, all of these are just speculations so let’s wait and see.

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