Bugatti Chiron Recalled, No Drive Of Shame For Owners

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Most automakers will request that their customers drive their vehicles to the nearest service center if they found an issue with the vehicle and issued a recall notice. Well, Bugatti is no ordinary automaker so it made sense that they would go out of their way to make sure that their customers get to enjoy the best that they can offer.

Bugatti issued a recall to recall back some of their Bugatti Chiron models after it was discovered that the seat bracket might have been improperly welded.
Instead of requesting that each of their affected customers drive their vehicle to the service center if they did receive a letter a call from Bugatti, Bugatti is offering to send over their “Flying Doctors” to get the vehicle inspected at the owner’s house.

If the issue was found, the vehicle will be transported to the nearest service center in a truck. Seeing as the vehicle cost about $3million, it made sense that Bugatti is making sure that their customers are taken care of, right?

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