Bugatti Chiron Price Tag Wasn’t The Obstacle

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The price tag of the Bugatti Veyron wasn’t an obstacle as Bugatti didn’t have any issues with selling of the vehicle. The Bugatti Chiron however comes with a price tag that is bigger and so you might have thought that it would take some time for it to sell. This hasn’t been the case though.

The Bugatti Chiron was launched in a limited supply and already the carmaker has taken 250 orders for it. This is just within 1 year of the Chiron been shown off at the Geneva Motor Show last year.

37% of orders of the Bugatti Chiron came from Europe, 30% from North America and 26% from the Middle East. Some people think that at this rate there isn’t going to be any left by next year as Bugatti are making just 500 units.

The Bugatti Chiron is going to come with an engine that pushes the vehicle to 158mph. Do you have your name down for one?