Bugatti Chiron Might Miss The 300mph Mark

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Now that Hennessey has revealed the numbers for the Venom F5, fans of the Bugatti Chiron were hoping that the vehicle would be able to meet its 300mph top speed especially after Andy Wallace reveal that the 261mph is not the end of the line for Bugatti.

According to Andy Wallace, the Bugatti Chiron can exceed its 261mph limit but he also added that he don’t think the vehicle would be able to hit the 300mph mark due to the force acting on the tires and wheels. He did add that Michelin could develop tires that could push the Chiron closer to 280mph. The current Chiron will be powered by an 8.0-liter W16 engine that will be offering about 1500PS and 1600Nm.

So it looks like Hennessey is still safe for now but at the rate that Bugatti is going, we won’t be too comfortable if we were Hennessey.

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