Bugatti 16C Galibier Almost Happen?

Many years ago, Bugatti showed off a special Bugatti 16C Galibier concept that leads many to talk about whether we are going to see the vehicle on the road but we now know that that did not happen.

Well, it was now reported that Bugatti might have actually considered turning the vehicle into a production model after the Veyron but decided not too after executives ordered some visual modification based on the response the consumers had.

The request to make it 60inches longer and notchback like truck made Bugatti feel like the Galibier has lost its charm which then leads to them scrapping their plan and choose not to go with it.

With the Galibier game, another vehicle has to be created to take Veyron’s spot and we also know now that it ended up being the Chiron which the fans seem to be very happy about.