Yippee Ki Yay! Bruce Willis Joins Google In Suing Apple (Rumor)

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Just when you thought that court cases couldn’t get any weirder, the DailyMail reports that actor Bruce Willis is set to take Apple to court over his wanting to leave all his digital music collection to his daughters on his passing. If Bruce Willis succeeds then he will help millions who have bought songs through iTunes Stores to leave their music to their families.

Bruce Willis joins Google in suing Apple (rumor)

Willis found out that even though he had purchased songs from the Apple iTunes Store he wasn’t the owner of the tracks and instead he was just borrowing them. Usually when someone buys tracks they don’t read the terms and conditions, but it appears that Bruce Willis did and he found out that they cannot be passed onto anyone else.

Willis sings the blues with a band and is said to have spent thousands of dollars downloading music which he has stored on many different Apple iPods. He wants to pass them on to his daughters. It is thought that he is asking a legal team to become the holders of the music or he may choose the option of legal action within five states in the US to give those downloading music more rights.

Apple can freeze the accounts of anyone they believe is passing music purchased to others and they forbid anyone to transfer music to MP3 players. Thanks to Willis’ passion about music he has taken an interest in who owns digital recordings. The Willis family are well known for having a public spirited streak and it is thought they may take on Apple to help others.

Rumors of Bruce Willis filing a lawsuit against Apple comes just days after Forbes reported that Google was doing the same. Google of course isn’t after Apple over songs downloaded but instead patents related to iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

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