Bravely Third: Square Enix Dropping More Hints

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Square Enix has not said anything about working on more Bravely right now but based on what is being released on the internet right now, some people are already speculating that there might be more Bravely to come soon.

This was after a new banner showing the eight protagonists was released. Fans later realize that the shape of the artwork resembled the cover artwork of the original Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. On top of that, the Twitter account name has been changed to Bravely with five blank space after it.

The account also asked fans to “look forward to the next Square Enix 11 BD game”. All of this together made fans believe that we will be hearing about something Bravely related soon. At this point, it is all just speculations right now and we can only wait and see what Square Enix will have to offer.

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