Brand New Chrysler 880: BMW M5 and Alfa Romeo Giulia Killer Coming In 2017?

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When it comes to design and performance figures the Alfa Romeo Giulia has gone and set its sights on BMW M5 and Tesla Model S. However there is now another vehicle that has set its sights on the same and this is the Chrysler 880.

If you head over to the Chrysler website you will see that they are announcing a brand new Chrysler 200, 300 and the Town and Country minivan. However there is also another vehicle on the site and this is the Chrysler 880.

From the number tagged onto the vehicle it is looking as though this could be a sedan and it should have a larger engine that the Chrysler 300.

On the market in the sedan category are the Tesla Model S, Alfa Romeo Giulia and the BMW M5 and all of these are rides that are exhilarating, providing you choose an engine that comes up to the task. This is one reason why we think the Chrysler 880 is going to be a monster sedan.

At a guess we think that the Chrysler 880 may take the engine from the Dodge Viper. But do you know of any performance engine that the 880 may use?

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