Brace Yourselves, Utah: Two Jeep Concepts Coming Your Way

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Jeep sure knows how to tease enthusiasts good. The company recently released a couple of teaser images of their upcoming 50th Easter Jeep Safari event. And that’s where they will be showcasing two concepts for the first time, namely: Jeep Wrangler “Trailcat” Concept, and Jeep “Crew Chief” Concept.

The event would be held in Moab, Utah from the 19th to 27th of March 2016, and since Jeep had been debuting lots of concept cars in the past, this year wouldn’t be any different. It’s one event worth experiencing as it challenges all-wheel-drive vehicles to take part and conquer the rough terrain, trails and backcountry of the area; in short, all extreme terrains you can think of.

But the “Trailcat” and “Crew Chief” ain’t the only ones hogging the spotlight, as they would be joined by 5 other concept cars too. And though the images don’t really reveal much (well, that’s the point, isn’t it?), we’re guessing the “Trailcat” could be a heavily, off-road modified Wrangler. As for the “Crew Chief”, we can’t help but to think its front fascia is highly resembling that of the Jeep J12 Concept too.

Well, for what it’s worth, we can’t wait for the unveiling to begin in less than two weeks’ time. Do remember to check back regularly as we’d try our best to keep you as updated as possible.


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