Borgward BX7: It’s A Case of Audi Q5 Meets BMW X3

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The Borgward BX7 could be what you would get if you crossed the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5.

Borgward has been getting ready to take China by storm with the Borgward BX7 SUV. The vehicle is going to be heading to the Beijing Auto Show and we did get to see it at the Frankfurt show last year.

The Borgward BX7 offers a design that looks to be a mixture of the Audi Q5 along with the BMW X3 and the vehicle is all about design, safety and performance.

It comes with the 2 litre engine and this offers up 224PS along with 300 of torque, while the engine is seven speed dual clutch and this is automatic. The Borgward BX7 is able to reach 62mph in only 10 seconds.