Borderlands 3 Road Map For Spring Detailed

One of the games that were shown during PAX East 2020 was the Spring Content Road Map for Borderlands 3 starting off with the Lovecraft-themed Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC followed up by a few regular free updates. Here is what we know right now.

Guns, Love and Tentacles will be arriving in March and it will come with a new planet to visit along with a new story mission. Deathtrap and Gaige will return and the new DLC will be a lot of new legendary loot and cosmetics.

The next month, Mayhem 2.0 update will be arriving which will also alter the endgame of Mayhem Mode so that it is more in line with the game’s tone. The outcome is a goofier ending where everyone will get a huge head where they will be getting a higher chance of getting a headshot.

In April, there will also be another free update called the Revenge of the Cartels. In May, we will be getting the second Guardian Takedown.