Borderlands 3 Patches Up Bounty of Blood Bug & More

A new update for Borderlands 3 will fix some of the reported issues including the Bounty of Blood issue. Here is what we know now.

According to their official site, the Bounty of Blood issue and the Legendary pistol Lucky 7 will be fixed with this hotfix. The first fix was to patch a hole int he Atrium of Bounty of Blood to stop players from busting through the wall and seeing what is on the other side.

The second fix will focus on the Lucky 7 as players reported that the pistol did not function after they exit Iron Bear. That should be fixed now. They also acknowledge that the recent change to let Mayhem gear spawn in the chest were also applied to enemy weapons allowing enemies to be equipped with Mayhem 10 weapon. They added that they are monitoring it and are looking at how they can fix that in the next patch.