Borderlands 3 Latest Expansion Is Live!

The new expansion for Borderlands 3 ahs arrive. Called the Revenge of the Cartel, the update will bring a new arch-nemesis and more loot to the game for a limited time. Here is what we know now.

For starters, Maurice will now have some new and repeatable quests to his job board inside Sanctuary III. Once you take down enough Cartel members, you will be able to unlock Villa Ultraviolet and meet Joey Ultraviolet, the Cartel crime boss.

The expansion will only bring a new enemy type to the game but also come with some limited-time challenges and also new legendary loot. Depending on how many challenges you complete, you will also be rewarded with a few goodies. Complete 3 and you will get the VECH-tor Graphics ECHO Device Skin. Complete 6 and get the Retro Outrunner Weapon Trinket while completing 10 will give you a Framed Firewall Room Decoration. Completing 14 will give you the Hotline Pandora Vault Hunter Head and completing all 18 will nab you the Death by Filigrees Vault Hunter Skin.