Borderlands 3 First Look Is Style Over Substance

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We may have seen our first look at Borderlands 3 but Gearbox Software has only given us a look at the game graphically, as they are still hiding the content of the game away under lock and key.

While fans of Borderlands 3 knew that the game was under development we hadn’t seen anything related to the upcoming game. Now we have seen the style of the graphics and proof.

At the Epic Games keynote during the Game Developers Conference, the CEO of Gearbox went onstage to show off some experimental images that make use of the Unreal Engine 4 tech and these images came from the Borderlands world.

The team is working hard on a new graphics style for Borderlands 3 but at the same time they also want to keep the magical touch that the previous games have had. The technique behind the graphics was talked about and this focuses on things such as edge outlines and cross hatching. Of course the CEO was quick to say that the images were not the final assets.

While they may not be final it does at least give fans waiting for Borderlands 3 some idea as to what they can expect from the game, possibly on the Scorpio and PS4 Pro.

But what do you think about the image which is said to come from the development of Borderlands 3?