BMW X5s Prices To Remain Even With China’s Tariffs

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The trade-car has begun and with some automakers caught in all of it, they are now trying to come out with new solutions around this new issue. For BMW and their BMW X5, building their SUV somewhere else might be the solution for now.

Although BMW has assembly plants in China, they can build all their models there which means they will be forced to import some of that and they will have to pay the 40% tariff set by China. Working around that, it is believed that BMW might build their USV in Thailand to meet the demand from China.

BMW was already producing the X5 in Thailand since 2016 and the plant is said to be capable of building a significant portion of vehicles that BMW would have exported from the US to China. This workaround would ensure that they can continue to meet the demand of customers in China and also avoid having to pay the tariffs.