BMW X5 M Sports: There Is A Limit

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When it comes to decking out a vehicle, most people will feel like the more is better and that was probably what the people were thinking when they added those features onto this BMW X5 M.

The BMW X5 M you see here was shown off at the Abu Dhabi showroom and it is decked out with a long list of new features including a 3D Design body kit, M Performance black side flasher cover, AC Schnitzer exhaust as well as a set of 22inch dual-tone wheels.

We do not know if they made any changes to the engine but the BMW X5 M is already offering about 567hp and 750Nm of torque right now. With all that, the BMW X5 M will be able to go from 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds.

Although it will definitely turn heads when it passes, some fans think that the people might have gone a little over board. Most of them were not a fan of the stripes on the outside saying that it looks tacky while others seem to agree that less is better in this case.

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