BMW X4 To Get New Rival From Lotus

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We have not heard much from Lotus. The automaker has made it clear that they are working on a crossover but it looks like it is not the only crossover that Lotus is working on.

New reports are suggesting that Lotus might be working on something that they can use to compete against models like the BMW X4, Porsche Macan and maybe larger models like the BMW X6. No word on when this would be arriving but it is currently suggested that the models will be arriving after 2020.

There is no much information about this new model right now but it was revealed that the vehicle will be getting a Volvo-sourced four-cylinder engine and hybrid system but the engines will still be tuned by Lotus so that they will offer more in terms of performance.

Lotus also added that one of the crossovers will be the “lowest in its class” and “widest in its class” but we do not know which model they were referring to.