BMW X2: Consumer Reports Stating The Obvious

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The BMW X2 is being released as a crossover model but Consumer Reports is not buying any of that by stating that the BMW X2 is just a sporty hatchback instead of an SUV.

The BMW X2 has a lot to offer. It looks great on the outside and the interior is comfortable and supportive. The infotainment system is easy to understand and use and it comes with a long list of new tech and features to further enhance the car.

As nice as it sounds, Consumer Reports is not ready to call it an SUV yet, as they think that it feels more like a sporty hatchback. In fact, BMW is not the only one that has been trying to push their sporty hatchback off as a crossover model so it was nice to see CR pointing that out.

Another thing that they did point out on the X2 is the headroom in the back. With the sporty profile, there is just not that much space in the back for the passenger and the boot space is smaller too.

Do you think BMW should start calling it a hatch instead?

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