BMW X2 Concept Not Going Away

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As with most of the concept that developers show, most of the flashy design feature will not make it to the production model and fans were expecting to see the same with the BMW X2 concept but based on the latest patent image, it looks like a lot of the concept design will be staying.

While it is clear that BMW has worked to toned things down a little on the BMW X2, fans were happy to see that some of the concept features were carried forward. Of course, since this is just a patent image, the actual production model might still look very different.

The patent files reveal that the vehicle could keep the headlights but the design would not be as sharp as the concept. Some changes were also made to the bumper, grille, door mirrors and exhaust tip.

We will have to wait for the Frankfurt Auto Show to find out if this would be the final production model.

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