BMW X1, Honda Civic & Jeep Compass Has Something In Common

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Looking at what the BMW X1, Honda Civic and Jeep Compass has to offer, it is hard to see what these vehicles actually have in common but they do share one trait and that is poor headlights and it was because of this that they were all given the Top Safety Pick rating instead of the Top Safety Pick + rating by IIHS.

While being able to withstand crashes is important, the ability to prevent it is also important and a lot of vehicles have been missing out on the top safety rating from IIHS mainly because they headlights were not good enough to provide the drivers with clear visibility after the sun goes down.

These three models were not the only ones that missed out on that rating because of the headlights as models from Audi, Ford, Hyundai, GMC and more also suffered the same fate. Of course, this does not mean that these are not safe. They are but they could have been safer if the headlights were better.

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