BMW vs Lexus: Why Lexus Is Real Winner

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If you’d always think of BMW being the true, genuine automaker that doesn’t play any trickery of some sort, think again. Apparently, the well-respected German company faked its way to the top just because it wants to keep its status as the top luxury brand in the US for 2015. And it really managed to do that.

It’s not new though, as BMW has been doing this “aggressively” over the years, according to one dealer’s accounts. Seems like the automaker isn’t very patient with the whole marketing system and have also been acknowledging itself for putting pressure on dealers to keep their loaner fleets stocked with new vehicles. So if you’ve ever thought they are the good guys, now you might probably think otherwise.

And if BMW continues to using trickery in order to gain its status (or more like, maintaining its status), other top brands like Lexus could soon takeover its spotlight too. That being said, Lexus actually surprisingly turned out to be the lead in a recent research conducted by Polk, with 340,392 units sold in the US alone. Though BMW’s sales figures do that the upper hand with 346,023 units, Lexus would seem like a better option for now.

But that still doesn’t stop us from liking the BMW brand and its fleet of gorgeous cars. They are still a beaut, after all. It’s just that if we were to be given a chance to choose between BMW and Lexus, we’d just go for the latter now.

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