BMW vs Lexus: The Answer Will Surprise You

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The battle between the well-loved German automaker, and a subsidiary of the Japanese automaker; literally the best of both worlds goes head to head. But who would come out as the top when they are being stacked against one another? Would you be rooting for the BMW or the Lexus?

After what we’re about to say, you’re probably not going to want to side on BMW anymore, or maybe just lesser than you usually do. It turns out that the notable company has been claimed for some trickery allegations because it wants to keep its status as a top luxury brand in the US. And it probably just did to make that happen, because the allegations have been swerving their way like they’ve never seen before.

What we’ve heard so far is that BMW had been offering incentives to dealers to buy vehicles from its fleet of loaners, and paying as much as $1,750 per vehicle just to get them participated in a scheme. And this is not all. Apparently, they’ve been accused to be rather “aggressive” in their way of doing business and is also known to put pressure on dealers.

Now though BMW has self-claimed some 346,023 sales units in the US alone last year, Lexus isn’t a tad too far left behind at 340,392. But with something so revolting happening to BMW, we’re pretty sure the sales would be driving Lexus crazy; leaning their way towards a more reliable brand rather than one that resorts to trickery. We aren’t wrong to be thinking this way, right?

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