BMW Think EV Range Will Double In The Next 10 Years

Automakers have been making some remarkable progress when it comes to EV models and their range and BMW thinks that we will continue to see more changes happen in the near future.

BMW showed off its new Battery Cell Competence Center in Germany. The facility will be where BMW will be working on improving energy density, peak output, service life and safety of future batteries.

BMW added that they are constantaly trying to come out with new ways and meterials to improve on their battery offerings. They will be working with universities, scientific institutions, and start-ups.

According to Oliver Zipse, the Chairman, future electric vehicles will have two times more range to offer than the current model using the BMW i3 as an example. The current i3 is able to offer about 193miles of range and BMW predicted that by 2030, a vehicle similar to the i3 would be able to offer about 385miles which sounds pretty amazing.