BMW Takes Nissan Over And Provokes Tesla Model 3

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A while back Nissan launched an ad and was openly provoking the Tesla Model 3. Now BMW have launched two video ads and they are doing something very similar.

The videos in question are supposed to show off the BMW 330e PHEV. This is a vehicle that is in the 3-Series and which is green and has the 2 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with electric motor.

This means that the BMW 330e PHEV offer sup 248 horses along with 310 torque. It can offer 72MPGe and the vehicle is being touted as being the perfect one for those wanting a green vehicle that offers luxury and performance.

BMW have also been asking about the endless wait for an EV that is unproven and which they say may be a disappointment. While they were very subtle about it they are clearly talking about the Tesla Model 3.

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