BMW M550i Will Have Big Brother To Thank For The Boost

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The current BMW M550i already has a lot to offer but BMW is taking it one step further as new report suggest that the vehicle will be getting an extra boost in terms of performance.

The current BMW M550i already comes fitted with a 456hp and 480lb ft of torque which is impressive enough on its own but new reports are now saying that the BMW might be getting the engine from the M850i model.

If that is the case, the model could be offering close to 523hp and 553lb ft of torque when it arrives, a significant upgrade from what the vehicle is offering right now. BMWBlog also added that the BMW M550i will not be the only model getting the upgrade as we might also see the same upgrade happen for the BMW X5 M50i model and the X6 and new X7.

BMW has not said anything yet so you might want to take it with a pinch of salt now.

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