BMW M2 Need To Look The Part

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BMW is working on the next-gen BMW M2 and while we still do not know what it will look like, BMW did hint that it will be exciting.

According to Klaus Frohlich, the BMW development boss chief, the new BMW M2 is dub the Drift Machine. He explained that he wanted to call the M2 that so that the whole team understands the purpose of the BMW M2.

It is important that the BMW M2 not only performs like a Drift Machina but also look like one. He also added that the vehicle will stick to the rear-wheel-drive platform instead of the front/all-wheel drive UKL platform that the rumors were suggesting.

Of course, the M2 is not the only model that has a nickname of its own. According to Frohlich, the BMW X5 is dubbed The Boss while the BMW X6 is dubbed The Beast.

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