BMW Jumps Onto The Bandwagon For Self-Driving

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BMW has their own timeline for offering fully autonomous vehicles and they are planning on launching them by 2021.

The senior VP for autonomous driving at BMW said that they are looking to deliver an electric vehicle in 2021 and it will have level 3,4 and 5.

If you don’t have any idea what the levels are, level three would still need a driver to be behind the wheel of the vehicle and be focused and have full control. Levels four and five are classed as being fully self-driving and these would not need the drivers attention.

The move up from level three to four isn’t going to be easy for BMW, or indeed any other carmaker, as full responsibility of the car would be transferred to the systems of the vehicle, instead of just relying on the driver of that vehicle.

The electric vehicles of BMW come from a joint venture with Mobileeye and Intel. Both of these technology companies are developing the self-driving system for the vehicles. BMW is going to take charge of the driving control and this is made up of functional safety along with vehicle dynamics.

The report suggested that the range of BMW 7 Series vehicles are going to be the first to make use of the self-driving technology and testing should start towards the end of the year.

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