BMW iX3 Wheels Won’t Drag It Down

The BMW iX3 is not that far off now and we are slowly learning more about what the vehicle will have to offer when it arrived.

One of the new detail that was dropped is the new aerodynamic wheels that the iX3 will be fitted with. BMW reported that the wheels will greatly affect the efficiency of the vehicle which is why they paid so much attention to the wheels.

The ones on the iX3 are made from aluminum and have angular accents that will help reduce drag by 5%. They are also lighter than the wheels that BMW had made in the past. All these will help lower the fuel consumption of the BMW iX3 by 2% which does not sound like much but it will mean that the vehicle can offer an additional 6.2miles of range.

The BMW iX3 will come powered by a 74kWh battery pack that will offer 282hp and 295lb ft of torque and will have a total range of 273miles.