BMW iM2 Concept Is Where Performance & Fuel Economy Meets

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When people opt to go for a vehicle that has a lot of offer in terms of performance, they don’t usually think about the fuel economy of the vehicle as those two don’t really go hand in hand but the BMW iM2 Concept could offer them the best of both worlds.

Created by artist David Olivares, the BMW iM2 is said to be the bridge that will link the BMW M2 and the BMW i8 model. According to the creator, the vehicle will have great acceleration, great fuel economy and also a competitive price.

However, some sacrifices will have to be made. In order to achieve those goals, the vehicle will have to sacrifice things like luxury as well as electric range. Of course, BMW has never indicated that hey are looking to build something like this but do you think it would work? Would you be interested?

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