BMW i8 Spyder Won’t Be On The Roads Anytime Soon

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The über futuristic convertible droptop hybrid BMW i8 Spyder will still be a reality, but it won’t be happening for at least a couple more years, according to sources. And don’t expect it to roll-out this year because apparently, the company wouldn’t be releasing any i models, not even the convertible.

BMW still holds a special place for the convertible in its model range, though it might not arrive anytime soon. And since the i8’s selling relatively well – with 2,265 examples sold in the US last year – they don’t see a point in rushing the production process. Perhaps that’s always been their company culture; laid-back and no-fuss.

But then again, they’ve been delaying the production for the i8 convertible for as long as we can remember. The concept was initially introduced back in 2012, with a possible production beginning at 2013 (which never happened), and then they’ve chopped off the roof (pictured above) when it made its appearance at the recent 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

We don’t know for sure when will be the official release date, and we can’t really pinpoint a possible timeframe as well. Let’s just hope we’ll be able to see the i8 in showrooms soon.

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