BMW i8 Roadster Not Shying Away

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BMW might not be ready to announce their BMW i8 Roadster yet but at least they are not shy about driving it around.

A new video surfaced online showing what looked like a few lightly camouflaged BMW i8 cruise their way through the winding roads. From what we can see, the roof is being stowed away and it is pretty clear that we are looking at the BMW i8. One thing people did point out was the missing vent in the hood.

Of course, the design itself is not the biggest mystery here since we already know how the BMW i8 will look like when it arrives.

We are still waiting for BMW to announce when the production model will be ready to be released but so far, they have not hinted at a date yet. There are reports suggesting that the BMW i8 production will be starting next year so we are expecting to see it by next year.

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