BMW i5 Will Take Things To The Next Level

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We know that BMW is working on a new electric crossover vehicle. What we do not know is whether the vehicle will be called the BMW i5 as some rumours suggest or if it will arrive as the BMW iNext model.

What we know for sure is that the vehicle will come with what SAE is calling Level 3 autonomy. This is when the vehicle takes full control of the all driving function, however, the driver can’t just doze off as the vehicle will start alerting the driver when it feels that the driver needs to take back the control.

Although it sounds amazing, some people are worried about what this new autonomy will do. There was already so much problem with all the auto tech we have now and to think that we are giving the vehicle, even more, control is just plain scary.

It is believed that the vehicle will only arrive in 2021 so BMW still has ample of time to get it right. What do you think of the Level 3 Autonomy future?

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