BMW i3 & i8: No Replacement Coming

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With the success that the BMW i8 and BMW i3 had, you would think that BMW would be working on a replacement for those vehicles once they get old but according to BMW, that is far from what BMW has in mind.

According to Autocar, BMW has no plans to release a replacement for either those models. The BMW i3 was release to give the consumers a taste of what an electric BMW will be like while the BMW i8 was release to show how far BMW can go with electric in terms of performance.

However, once those vehicles reach the end of their lifecycles, the part is over and BMW will not be releasing a newer model to replace the dated version.However, there were speculations that BMW might consider continuing the i8 based on its success but the same cannot be said about the i3.

Of course, we will also see more electric and hybrid-powered models coming from BMW in the near future with the BMW X3 crossover being one of the models to look out for in 2020.

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