BMW i Interaction EASE Concept To Take On Mercedes

BMW was at CES 2020 where they showed off their new i Interaction EASE concept. The design, created with the help of Designworks has an abstract exterior because what is important here is the cabin.

According to BMW, they wanted the passengers to have a feeling that they are already at their destination while still en route. One tech that it was fitted with, the new gaze detection system where the system can estimate where the user is looking at and use AI to process the “acoustic and visual information received from a variety of sensors and interprets it according to the driving situation, time, location, and vehicle signals.”

For example, you might look at a restaurant and the vehicle will provide you with all the information it has on it displayed on the windshield. While it might sound like it is from a movie, BMW added that one tech seen on the concept will make its way to the iNext although they did not mention which.